How To Find AND Keep Motivation: 5 Secrets

The most common struggle I see as a personal trainer is finding and keeping motivation. It’s way more common than you think.

You start out seeing a vision you want for yourself. You set the goal. You go hard for a bit. Then all of a sudden, you’ve lost your steam. You find yourself sitting at home wondering, where did my motivation go? You chalk it up to getting it done next week. Then after a month, you feel like you’ve completely fallen off and can’t return to where you fell off. It happens.

All. The. Time. The first piece of advice is do not beat yourself up because you aren’t alone. Many people find themselves in the same cycle of ups and downs with staying motivated. It's completely normal. If you struggle with staying motivated, check out my go-to list for gaining that motivation AND keeping it.

5 Secrets to Motivation

1. Find your purpose.

Arguably one of the toughest men alive, David Goggins says “motivation is crap.”

The truth is, motivation wears thin after a while. It comes and goes in waves. However, your purpose does not waver. Rather than focusing on what motivates you or who inspires you, ask yourself—what is my purpose? You need to make it personal. This isn't about being an Instagram model. It's about beating your own limitations.

Remember, it’s okay if someone inspires you to chase after your goals. Just set the intention to be something you are achieving for your own greater good.

For example: if your motivator is your child, take away that your purpose is to be the best version you can be for your child. Make your why applicable to you personally so you can carry the better version of yourself into more than this one aspect of your life. 2. Prioritize yourself.

If you aren’t your own number one, then you aren’t putting yourself first. It’s just not physically possible.

Think of yourself as a full glass of water. If someone were to drink your glass of water halfway down, that would leave you 50% left over for whatever you have left to take care of. Consider work and other commitments. Now you are operating less than half full for yourself.

Giving other’s needs greater value than your own will devalue your needs.

Do not dim your own shine.

You are not your best self for others if you aren’t prioritizing your needs.

If you aren’t sure what that might look like, here are some ideas that may resonate with you: •Learning to say no. •Speaking up for yourself. •Honoring your needs before others needs. •Completing a task to your own expectations, and not that of others. 3. Get a calendar or planner.

Whether it's a calendar or a planner, just make sure it’s big and visible. Keep it somewhere you walk by everyday. This is the key part of keeping a log.

Remember, if it’s out of sight, it’s going to be out of mind. So you need to make it as obnoxious and in-your-face as possible. Use brightly colored markers or pens. Get some fun stickers. Do anything that will keep you engaged, therefore accountable logging your daily stats.

Refer to this calendar as often as needed, especially if you lose your steam.

4. See past your own excuses.

This is probably the hardest part of anyone’s journey.

In the moment, our excuses seem like the best reason not to do something. Common reasons are time, money, energy, and of course, motivation. These can all be debunked.

The first step: you need to call yourself out on it.


Make it. Get up thirty minutes earlier or go to bed thirty minutes later. Do it on your lunch break. Tell your boss your truth, you need to leave an hour early for a personal reason. If a job cannot honor that, please see number 2 on this list.


Because walking outside around the block costs exactly $0.00? Pushups? Jumping jacks? Or any body weight exercise? And if your argument is healthy food is expensive—then you may not be familiar with what a calorie deficit is, and I’d love to work with you and coach you on how to maintain a healthy calorie deficit for optimal weight loss.


Drink caffeine or figure out your sleep schedule. I know you find time to watch TV/do your guilty pleasure. If lack of energy is an issue then binge eating shouldn’t be an issue, because it literally requires energy to eat food. So again, are you really lacking energy? Or is just an excuse?

And finally.. motivation. Probably the biggest one of all. Well the good news is, you now have a list that will help you get laser-focused on how to find and keep your motivation!

5. Hire a certified trainer/coach.

The truth is, if you haven’t practiced any of these in unison before, it can be tough getting started. That’s okay. We have all been there!

Hiring a coach when you start out can really help you learn what really works, rather than getting trapped in the repetitive cycle of restarting and failing what you read on Google, or heard from an unreliable source.

Coaches are also great for accountability and motivation as you progress along your journey.

This is what drove me to become a certified personal trainer.

I want to be that voice for my clients until you develop your own voice.

I want to be that driving force that pushes and inspires you to find your purpose, prioritize yourself, and see past your own excuses.

I want to coach you into learning how and when to call yourself out appropriately while also reserving non-judgmental love for you and your needs.

I want to give you the tools you need to be successful not just in your fitness journey but in other aspects of your life too.

Send me a message; let's talk about your goals. I'd love to learn more about your journey and see how I can help you rise above your limitations.

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