60 Day Shred

60 Day Shred

Personalized 60 day Shred online bootcamp is finally here!


  • individualized programming that fits your goal of fat loss or building muscle.
  • your choice of at-home (no or limited equipment) or gym programming.
  • 3 check-ins with me to progress you through the 60 day bootcamp.


This is a great program for:

  • if you are getting back into the swing of things 
  • trying to normalize the new normal
  • all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional
  • want to lose weight, maximize fat loss, gain muscle, build strength and endurance, get toned


I personalize your program to your goals and needs after we discuss!


I am super excited and passionate to be offering this bootcamp, especially with the new normal that we live in.


This is a great way to jumpstart at the gym or to learn how to adjust working out at home. 


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