30 Day 1:1 Personal Training

30 Day 1:1 Personal Training

Energize Package - 30 Day 1:1 Personal Training and Wellness Coaching


This is for one month of my 1 on 1 personal training and wellness coaching. Please see the 90 Day Plan for a discounted monthly rate.


My 1:1 training and coaching includes:


  • personalized wellness plan according to your goals and needs


  • 24-7 support, and weekly motivation and accountabililty 


  • 5 days of workouts focusing on your goal: fat loss, build muscle,  get toned


  • 30-minute weekly check-ins and video chat workout sessions


  • my tips and tricks to living a healthy life while also enjoying it


If we haven't already talked, know that I love this package I have designed for you all. 


I thoroughly enjoy getting to know you and your habits.


Coaching is extremely rewarding, and I hope to have the opportunity with you.